• Rivers water level measurement
  • Dams Level Monitoring
  • Canals and tanks Gauging


The Bubbler sensor measures the corresponding hydrostatic pressure through a pressure tube and a highly sensitive sensor.

Our Bubbler Compact Water Level System has been designed to replace a conventional nitrogen gas bottle supply for accurate and reliable measurement of water level in:

  • Dams
  • Rivers
  • Canals and tanks

to a maximum water head of 30m H2O (100 ft). Our Bubbler differs from other bubbler systems, with its ability to purge any moisture in the mist separator out to atmosphere at the end of each pumping cycle. Hence, minimal maintenance is required, longer operational life and higher accuracy in measurement. Data is logged on site with an option for remote data reporting utilising wireless modem technology.

The main advantage of our Bubbler is that it is a constant bubbler systemwhich can be used with or without a gas chamber orifice and it makes it maintenance free for up to five years.

Advantages over other systems:

  • Compact single unit.
  • Maintenance free (no gas bottle or desiccant to be replaced) – the air dryer have an auto-drain moisture trap feature that purge moisture build up to atmosphere at the end of each pumping cycle.
  • Can interface to SDI-12 and 4-20mA outputs simultaneously.
  • Easy to install.
  • True continuous bubbler system – can be used with or without a Gas Chamber Orifice.
  • Operates with up to 30m (100ft) head of water. (40m available on request)
  • User adjustable bubble rate.
  • Low power consumption.

Advantages of constant and Dry Bubbler systems:

  • The pressure in a bubbler system should always be maintained in the orifice line for accurate measurement.
  • Constant bubbler ensure bubbles are continuously being pushed out of the river line and a level measurement can be taken at any time.
  • Non-constant bubblers turn off in between measurements & it can take up to 15 minutes for the pressure stabilization in line.

Importance of Maintaining a Dry Bubbler:

 As the air is compressed in a bubbler, any airborne moisture is compressed into water.Over time this water will accumulate and often becomes trapped in the lines of thebubbler, causing ongoing data errors until the complete river line is replaces. Having abubbler with some sort of air drying system is critical. This is either done by an airdrying system, as in our Bubblers, or desiccant that must be monitored andreplaced.

PHAME has never used desiccant as this increases the maintenance and reoccurring cost for the user. Instead, we have always used self-evacuating air dryingfilters in our bubblers. This makes all of our bubbler system maintenance free for minimum of 5 years.