The RainTrak is a latest innovation for total rainfall solution. The system will record accumulated rain fall and will transmit the data through the GSM/GPRS telemetry to the desired E-mails and server at user defined time intervals.
The unit consists of:

  • Tipping Bucket Rain gauge
  • In-built Data Logger
  • In-built GSM / GPRS Modem
  • Enclosure
  • Access & Download of Rainfall Data Remotely
  • Low Power Consumption 12VDC
  • 10 Watt Solar Panel


The RainTrak is one of the rainfall stations that uses the GSM / GPRS telemetry to transmit the data to central station and technology  to retrieve remotely the rainfall data stored in the logger.

The unit consists of a tipping bucket rain gauge mounted on a 2” pipe and a stainless steel enclosure that encloses a data logger, a GSM / GPRS modem and a 12VDC battery. Battery charging is via 10 watt solar panel.

One of the main features of the RainTrak is the ability to access the rainfall data remotely. If using a GSM modem the unit must be loaded with a data enabled SIM which must be purchased by the customer from a phone supplier. The user simply need to define the time interval of data transfer in logger, on that interval modem will initialise a communication with the logger and transmit the rainfall data to server as well as on E-mails (if required).


The bucket tips when precipitation of say 0.5mm (Resolution of Bucket) has been collected. A pulse from each tip is sensed by the reed switch and logged to a data logger. The dual reed switch can also transmit the pulse to a telemetry system


 The rain gauge design for reliable and accurate field data under the prevailing Indian environmental conditions and under cyclonic weather condition.

  • Our rain gauge system is easy to operate and maintain.
  • System consists of a collector funnel with a leaf filter and siphon flow mechanism.
  • The System includes dual collected rainfall discharge outlets.
  • The unit has dual reed switches with varistor protection
  • Our rain gauge withstands exposure to extreme climatic conditions.
  • The minimum expected operational lifetime is 10 years without loss of functioning.
  • PHAME’s TBRG has bulls eye level indicator with SS (316 grade) nut, bolts & washers.
  • The system have the facilities for reset of the Rainfall reading before start of Monsoon.
  • The system has suitable Data Logger (IP65 casing) and Modem which will send field data through Email & Website. Also generate Alarm and SMS as per user requirement. This system is configurable remotely.

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