PHAME Technology

PHAME Enterprises (Technology) is a leading System Integrator and Service Provider Company to provide best services to our esteemed clients.

We are Indore (Madhya Pradesh, INDIA) based Company having its International office in IL, USA too. We committed to deliver fruitful solutions to our customers, which help in the environmental and social growth.

PHAME Enterprises (Technology) deals in integrated Hydrological, Agricultural, Meteorological and Soil monitoring instrumentation, accessories and information systems that help our customer’s to optimise management and enhance their reliability.

We can also provide INMARSAT / Iridium Satellite Modem based Data Communication apart from GSM/CDMA Modem, Radio Modem and INSAT Transmitter communication, subjected to approval of frequency allocation by user. We can also provide Surveillance, Access Control / RFID technology solution as per the Project requirement.

PHAME Enterprises (Technology) is the “HMA” to measuring and monitoring the health of our environmental conditions. Our focus targets on the following market segments that provide information to help better understand and manage our water, meteorology and agriculture resources:

  • Hydrological – the measurement of Water Level, Water Flow and Water Quality (pH, TDS, Turbidity,  Salinity, Temperature etc.) in Streams, Rivers, Ponds, Irrigation Canals, Lakes and Reservoirs. Discharge measurement of Rivers & Streams, Flood warning and Forecast. Rating Curve development, Cable-way systems etc.
  • Meteorological – Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Atmospheric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Ambient Temperature, Rainfall, Solar Radiation, NET Radiation, Infra Red Thermometer measurement, Automatic Weather System (AWS) and Automatic Rain gauge System (ARS).
  • Agricultural – Point Sensor (Portable) for Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Soil EC measurement as well as Permanent measurement in field,  irrigation schedule of crops, plant disease, insect damage etc.
Phame Enterprise Products Variety: 95%
Fast Delivery Services: 99%
Packaging: 90%